OB欧宝体育的 方法

L而且mark's approach is what makes us uniquely effective for students who struggle with reading, 写作, 听, expressive language, 而且 executive functioning skills.

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独特的 为你

Each student is unique, so why shouldn't their education be? 在具有里程碑意义的, we design a program specifically for each student to focus on their strengths 而且 interests while bolstering their areas of need. Through diagnostic testing, guidance from 学术 顾问, 小类, one-to-one tutorials, 和更多的, each student has a personalized program. It's what education should be—而且 it works. 

一对一的 教程

The cornerstone of L而且mark's 方法 is the daily one-to-one tutorial personalized for each student. We don’t follow a single teaching methodology, such as Orton-Gillingham, 威尔逊, 或嘴唇, but draw on these 而且 many more to meet the individual needs of each student. It is an entirely customized approach, where skills are explicitly taught until they become automatic.

Areas of primary focus for L而且mark's Language 艺术 教程 include: Fluency, 解码, 词汇表, 拼写, 作文, 理解, 学习技巧, 而且 Transition planning.

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Small 班级规模

We think school should be challenging, 引人入胜的, 动态, 和有趣的, yet honor each student’s learning style 而且 dem而且s. 学生 are grouped by ability in 小类 of six to eight so teachers can tailor the pace 而且 content to suit the needs of the learners in any given classroom. Like our one-to-one tutorial, it's sculpted to effectively address a variety of learning styles 而且 requirements.

Every teacher, in every classroom, utilizes L而且mark's Six Teaching Principles™.

学术 顾问

学术 顾问 are a student 而且 family's L而且mark lifeline. They personally oversee class placement, tutorial, 而且 progress. They are in touch with each student regularly throughout the week 而且 make sure no one gets lost in the shuffle. They serve as safety net, coach, cheerleader, 而且 friend.

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订婚了 学生

When families inquire about L而且mark School, we ask them to imagine themselves with students who are curious, 适应, 聪明的, 订婚了, 而且 eager to learn 而且 succeed in school. A campus where students have diverse interests, who care about each other, 而且 come from all over the U.S. 而且 many countries to learn innovative ways to underst而且, address, 而且 manage their learning challenges.

The majority have been diagnosed with a language-based learning disability, such as dyslexia, SLD in reading, or a disorder of written expression. Read more about our student profile

Highly Trained 教师

Every teacher at L而且mark School goes through intensive training to become an expert in meeting the needs of our students. Teachers enroll in our Teacher Residency Program in partnership with the Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development to hone skills 而且 build mastery while earning an advanced degree in special education. Learn more about our one-of-a-kind Teacher Residency Program.

Time for the Fun Stuff

学生 who struggle in school often miss out on the fun stuff—visual art, 体育运动, performing arts, community service, 旅行, 而且 so much more. 在具有里程碑意义的 we know these pursuits are essential to shaping a young person into an interesting, 订婚了, confident adult. 

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